During the second two weeks, the main topic was to understand which is the method of work of the office, how they decided to take decisions, how to communicate with the client and how to be known.

The main topics of these two weeks are:
– The method of work. How to organize the office and what is important to manage to found an office. Which are the goals to achieve to became famous and structured? How is the office organized?
– How to make decisions. How to make decisions has an important role in an architecture office. Which is the right process to make a decisions? First of all, we have to focus the problem or the question. Then, in the second step, we discuss the solutions with the other partners and at then
– The importance of the Public Relations. Nowadays to make an office structured and big, it is important to have a PR. This figure will work with the office to establish relationships around the word. The PR will inform you about all the events in which you can take part, he/she will inform you about the competitions in which you can participate and about the award. In the office, the collaboration with the PR is essential and a meeting with her/she is organized every two weeks.
– Advertisement. How much is the advertisement of an office important? The brand must be understandable and it is important to let the brand know around the city and the surrounded area. How to do this? T-shirts, Bags , participation at the events and social media are the best way to be known.
– Social Media and the website. Nowadays it is more and more important to be active in the social media to let the office known around the word. In this way the team can show the works, the site buildings, the office and everyday life in the media. Another point is to create a clear website where the people can easily find the contacts and can understand the works and the service offered.
– Relationship with the clients. It is necessary to have effective communications from both (the architects and the clients) to avoid misunderstandings or conflicts. The clients are the people that guarantees works to the office. For this reason it is important to communicate with them. To understand how it is necessary to speak with the clients and how it is important to talk with them, I participated to a meeting with a client.




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