Another two weeks have passed and I must say very quickly!
One of the things that struck me most these days was breakfast, here in Spain it’s called “desayuno”
and represents a very important moment of the day. It is a breakfast based on bread heated with
various cold cuts, the most successful is without a doubt ham (jamon), the Spanish are real
specialists in this sense! The “desayuno” then continues with a nice cup of milk and coffee. It is
customary to have breakfast all together!

I am really very enthusiastic about the people I met, every day I get to know new things, new
projects, new goals. I feel very stimulated also because I can have the opportunity to relate to a
culture very different from mine both at work and personal level. In this period, the atmosphere is
very busy in the company, the Christmas climate is very strong and the preparations for the period
are not lacking.

The third week went fast and I completed the activities of the previous weeks. This week I took care
of the evaluation of the selected curriculum, in particular if they meet the requirements required by
the company.

I want to take advantage of this post to wish all readers a happy Christmas.
See you soon.




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