A month has passed since the beginning of the NYE project, time passes quickly, I learn more and
more Spanish language and culture, their way of life and the way of approaching work, noting
various differences with my past experiences. The pace of work is less hectic but no less effective.


The third week I was able to participate in a contract with a customer (who asked for the supply of
chairs and tables), starting from the customer’s request, the drafting of a commercial offer, the
realization of furniture and the delivery of goods. I was able to learn the approach and the way to
relate to a potential client; but not only, also the management of work orders, transmitted to the
department that deals with the construction of furniture, coordinating the processing times and
delivery of goods.


The fourth week I was able to appreciate what concerns the management of employees, employed
in the various catering establishments managed by the company (Montaditos); from the calculation
of the hours worked by the employees up to the drafting of the payroll envelopes; I was able to
grasp the aspects concerning work advice, directly on the job.


The Christmas holidays are coming, it’s nice to breathe a festive atmosphere in a country different
from mine. I discovered several popular traditions, but also noticed the different business
opportunities that are created.


I will return to tell you about my experience with the NYE project in two weeks, in the meantime I
wish Merry Christmas to all readers.




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