I have been here for a few weeks now and I feel like I’ve been here forever. Hungarians are a very welcoming community, despite the difficulties they went through during the history. Budapest is a city that keeps its tradition giving off an aura of strong growth.


Hungarians, especially young people, speak a very good English, so there were no problems regarding communication. The elders try to understand as well. Then, Italians like me are helped by the international language of gestures :). No problems so far. I appreciate very much the efforts of those who try to say few words in their language, therefore I will to learn hungarian as well!

In these days of European football, the city seems crazy, they are all united to cheer for their national team and every successful match is celebrated as they win the European championship.
For more than thirty years Hungary couldn’t made it into international competitions. For this, the joy is so great. I admit that it is a bit strange to see tricolor flags waving in full force throughout the city, since the flag is similar to the Italian one.

The creative industry is thriving and the arts is a huge business since the communist times. Those who work in this area is seen as a privileged and the local government invests heavily in new arts.


These first few days have been very intense, and I was able to compare myself with my host who really proves kindess and professionality.
Together we have also had many new ideas about the future. Probably this is a partnership that will grow!

I’m planning the work for the upcoming weeks and I cannot wait for this!
Probably I will have the opportunity to visit and meet other creative studios that are part of the of my Host’s network, which will be another amazing opportunity.

I’m pretty bit sure I’m going to grow a lot in the nearest future.




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