After the Christmas holidays here we are, the weeks flies and the goals increase!
I’m getting more and more into this exchange, gathering a life experience that I would definitely describe as very important for my personal growth.

Collaborating at the creation of a digital archive is a meticulous and slow process, but it allows you to look at small details of a totality – the history of an institution, the people who gravitate around it and all the energies employed in it.

Thanks to this experience, I am understanding the hard work of “behind the scenes” that is carried out in cultural institutions, museums or galleries. As young entrepreneur I’m understanding the importance of the subdivision of tasks and their temporal planning. More, I’m understanding the importance of the exchange of views and brainstorming.

At the end of this long way, we will see the birth of a “son” that will be defined as “finished”, but I know that it will be only the beginning of a new way of interpretations, applications and fruitions from the public.




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