Hi everybody!
My EYE project at a record label is continuing very good and if in the first 2 weeks I was mainly discovering and learning about the functioning and the activities of my HO, in this second half of the month I started to work more specifically on the digital marketing of the label. This is really great because it’s an essential part for any kind of business and it’s really important to handle it good and know all its potential. This is important especially for record labels that produce a non commercial kind of music, as it allows it to reach its audience and be known. During these weeks I was really glad to give my contribution, propose my ideas and learn how professionals deal with this aspect.

Related to this task I started to manage the social medias of the label and take contact with local newspapers, magazines and radio stations. My task was also to write press releases and discuss with musicians about the promotion of their music.

Plus, next week we’re going to start working on a new release, that we started programming last Thursday in a meeting with the musician involved. In addition to this, the schedule of November looks very exciting, since there are other projects in the release-list and there will be another meeting with the artists of the label to plan the new recordings.

Working in music, even for somebody who’s not a musician, is really inspiring, as you’re always required to be receptive towards what you listen and let your creativity be engaged by the product you’re working with. It’s also because of this that I’m looking forward to start the new month, to find out more about it and about how this could help me both on the human and on the professional aspect.




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