My second month has been definitely challenging.

I had the chance to improve my business plan, by both observing and contributing to essential decisions which have been made for the host business’ development.

In order to plan for the summer months, which is quite busy period in terms of sales, we studied a different approach that could work successfully for improving our market range.

Meetings, research and analysis contributed to bring the business a step forward. We decided to keep the shop operative during the evening (4pm to 12am), and create a wider network to advertise the new asset. We managed to organise the production of flyers and advertising, to talk to people, and to use the Internet as an essential tool of promotion.

I definitely learned how to be flexible in difficult situations and how to challenge myself and the business itself when it is needed. I learned how to work in a team for long terms and improve my communication skills in order to be productive and efficient in decision-making process. I gathered experience by studying new market strategies and by analysing the business’ statement during the first two months. I have been taught how to read and analyse the financial report at the end of every month in order to be aware about potential economic shifts. It can be said that alternative approaches and methods are useful tools for a successful change of direction within the business itself when a challenge is needed.




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