Finally my experience as a New Entrepreneur in Brussels has started. Until now everything is continuing as expected. The office environment is excellent.
Thanks especially to the help of the host entrepreneur, who is helping me in my new role, that of a peer entrepreneur and a mentee in a transfer of entrepreneurial competences.

After an introduction to the Project Cycling Management, now I am working directly in the management of two EU funded projects, which the HE is implementing. I attended at a kick-off meeting online, during that I had the possibility to learn how to organize transnational events.
At the same time I’m doing a research on how works the Advocacy and Lobbying on the EU institutions.

Research that I use both for the implementation of one of the project, but also for my future goal, that of becoming a counselor in EU projects management. I already accredited to the European Parliament, so I can participate in the upcoming Committees meeting that I’m interest to follow.

So to conclude, apart the Brussels weather, this new experience is going very well.

Greetings from Brussels




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