In this second month at Ok Hostel Madrid I followed up by improving my skills. My tasks were to manage the assignment of beds (giving priority to the groups and the people that makes the check-out the same day) and I’m understanding how coordinate the housekeeping and some social events. I have also learnt how charge the “No show”, how organise the breakfast and to assure that the stay of the guests has been all right before making the check out.

But, the most important aspect of this two weeks has been the discovery of laboratorios ciudadanos, citizen laboratories in Madrid based on self- management. They work together in spaces like collaborative economy, urban ecology, artistic intervention, cultural integration and social urbanisation: “La Tabacalera”, “El Campo de la Cebada” and “Esta es una plaza”. They could be a really interesting inspiration model for my business idea. In fact, my entrepreneurship project of the artistic hostel foresees to create a space of collaborative management, sustainable development, experimentation and integration of local and international artistic event.

For example, for “El Campo de la Cebada”, a lot of the events are financed through crowd funding, the profit of the bar, through the social and international dinners or events in general. Last week, in “Esta es una plaza” some neighbours of Lavapies district were building a teatre in wood while other people were cultivating the collective garden.

I think that those artistic initiatives are the best context for a traveller that would plunge in the local context. How said Marek Mossakowski, global head of brand for the booking firm Hostelworld Group, in an interview at the New York Times: “Art adds character and a warm feeling and helps travellers have a connection to the local community”. How those citizen laboratories, my space will be a place where travellers can discover the local artistic environment immediately, through participative laboratories of creation made by local, national and international people.

Also the Ok Hostel is a good incubator of ideas. Sometimes, we host music bands from around the world as la “Banda sin nombre”. It is really interesting to see how is possible to create even in an hostel a welcoming context as a “public square” where artists, musicians, locals and travellers meet and create a social environment.

How conclude Mr. Mossakowski: “The main goal [for an hostel], is not selling a work but rather to serve as a showcase and incubator for artists and to support local businesses” because “It’s all about the experience, helping travelers to discover a new destination”.




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