Hello everybody,

I have reached the 16th week of the EYE project in Jerez de la Frontera, in the last two weeks I have been working on payroll, starting from the calculation of the hours worked by the individual workers up to the creation of payroll envelopes, I also calculated the commissions payable to a commercial agent with the realization of the profound invoice that he had to issue the same to the enterprise. I also collaborated with the marketing department, where we created an advertising campaign with signs for a client, and with the accounting department where I dealt with the accounting registration of bank statements. Finally I took care of the realization of a quote for a request for furniture for a customer.

In the city you can breathe the atmosphere of Holy Easter, which began on February 14th with Lent. In all the churches religious ceremonies are celebrated and Christ is worshiped with the pleasant scent of incense that hangs in the air to symbolize prayer and veneration of God.




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