The GG-loop office is an innovative place where we, as designers are, using most recent
technology to create modern objects that will make our future better. The office is facilitated in the best software as well as hardware like 3d printer and VR technology. We don’t hesitate to use these tools during the design process to check out our ideas and experience spaces and products even in early stages of the design.
During recent weeks in the office our focus was directed in small scale projects. The office is currently preparing a promotion campaign of ‘VIBRIO’ modular sofa. For this purpose, we are preparing a sufficient number of of graphic and audio-visual materials. One of the is a short movie presenting photos of past photo session. To grab attention of recipients we used kaleidoscopic effects and unusual music to achieve a unique style of presentation, which at the same time sustain coherency with the overall concept of the product.

At the same time we are working on the project of the lamp. Gradually we are moving towards the end of the first phase of this design. The design consists of an unusual glass sphere – smooth from the outside and patterned from the inside. We use sea-life as a point of reference for form finding. In order to simulate processes ongoing in those underwater life forms we are using parametric software such as ‘Grasshopper’ and extend the possibilities of it by use of Python programing language.




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