Here we are living my last month in this experience of EYE in Kozani. In the beginning of these 2 weeks me and Niko had to face a inconvenience, the field in Epanomi where we transfered the previous time the apiaries finally was not appropriate cause the remarkable proximity to houses. That`s why we started the new week of work with a new transfer; this time our choice was a big area in the valley of Polygyros mountain in the sunny side where the north wind is stopped.

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The day after the transport we opened all the apiaries in order to check if the honeycombs were damaged and also to add half kilo of sugar paste if missing. Furthermore we did the beehive inspection and we noticed the presence of the warm Galleria Mellonella that damages the apiary by eating honey and wax and also setting down eggs in place not reachable by bees. We solve the eggs` damage storing the honeycombs in the freezer and so killing them.

Moreover we noticed an apiary that was without queen bee, we could recognize by the noise the bees were making by beating their wings. We added these bees and honeycomb to another apiary in order to avoid the escape they would make during the winter. That`s all for this report, appointment to the last report!




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