Hi guys!

In the latter three weeks, I worked on a new project, the restoration of a XVIII century building, part of the list of historic buildings protected as architectural heritage of the island of Mallorca. The task I am currently doing with my colleagues, is the development of the preliminary phase of the project, which is not simple at all, because of the amount of obligations and limitations due to the protection under which the building is subject. So, I am learning a lot with this topic and I also had the opportunity to visit the building in its current state, to do a photographic survey, to study the structural situation and the problems the building suffers at this time.
Working on this project, I could also put into practise the knowledge I gained during my degree and my PhD research, because in this kind of projects is necessary to do an historical investigation on the transformations the building has suffered in the decades and on the traditional architectural typology of the noble local house, before advancing any concept and design proposal of conservation and restoration.

While going on working in OHLAB studio, I managed to understand the daily challenges to face with and how important is to have a good organization of the team work and of all the phases of the design process , in order to solve the unexpected problems, to keep the work motivation high and the relationship between colleagues good.
Besides, I daily learn something by my colleagues, who are very clever and lovely. I am very pleased with the staff for the working atmosphere. I received full support during those days, I have met colleagues and friends who have exactly my own interests and very similar aspirations, so it is so comforting to have brainstorm with them, about our future working projects. In its entirely, these weeks represent an inspiring process that brings a lot of ideas for my future professional career.

The last thing I want to tell you is that I am becoming more fluency in speaking Spanish, above all with the technical language and I am improving my English architectural vocabulary, too.

Can’t wait for all the new experiences!
I am coming back to you with a short overview of this wonderful exchange period.

Maria Bruna, Palma de Mallorca




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