The work of these two weeks was dedicated partly to the choice of finishes
and partly to some formal changes.
Following the idea of perception we are dedicating ourselves to the choice of colors and materials that can create specific sensations within the home.
After the meeting with the client and his new request for a new configuration of the spaces inside the Glasshouse we are trying, through the construction of a model, to think about a new reconfiguration of the steps and internal seats.

The use of the model is a very effective method.
Unlike the digital model, the human eye is able to adapt more quickly to the
scale and is therefore able to relate easily with the model space.

It is an effective method for us, during the working process, and also for the client that can also take the different pieces and try to move them as he prefers.

Waiting for the next meeting we will proceed with different options preparing models and 2D drawings.