At the beginning of November three new Italian trainees have arrived at the office, two boys and a girl. They are very nice and smart guys. My boss, Benjamin, introduced us and gave them general information about the company. Then I began just 2 hours for day to train them step by step about the first things, procedures, brands, etc.

The last Friday of these two weeks, I went with Benjamin and a new Italian trainee to Netherlands. First, we were in Amsterdam, in a fashion boutique where Benjamin had to talk about new collection of Scabal fabrics and then in Breda in another fashion boutique where we had an appointment with 2 customers to check and receive a feedback about the fitting test shoes of our Italian shoemaker.

Since I went with Alfio last time, I managed the two customers, they wore the fitting test shoes and told us their feelings and if the shoes fitted well or not.

Every test shoe fitted almost well, just a few adjustments. I wrote everything, took pictures and short videos.

Once again, we were always in a hurry because we had a tight schedule for every meeting and for this reason, we were the most of time in car.

Another important task was to search for a new leather jackets supplier.

Now I found a new suitable supplier, a producer who makes bespoke and personalized leather jackets. The company is in Italy, I talked by phone to him and he was agreed to collaborate with us.  I think we got a new supplier. We will see in the next weeks.

In the rest of days normal administration. I helped the trainees to set up soldes fabrics on the cards, explaining them how to do it.

See you next time.