In the past two weeks at GG-loop architecture office changed the location. Fortunately moving went smoothly and we didn’t lose too much time. Recently we were mostly preoccupied with hydroponic structure. Soon we will have to prepare a prototype. The office changed the location.

The hydroponic structure is a self sustaining vegetation modular unit containing several systems like solar panels, hydroponic and algae bio-reactor. This complexity results in big number of elements that are needed to build the prototype. We already completed the design phase, including optimisation, form-finding and organisation of all systems. At the moment we are working on the list of elements which need to be ordered. At the same time we started, 3d-printing very important part of the structure – nodes. Those elements are unusual and cannot be ordered in the shop, that is why they need to be custom made.
[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 4355,4356,4357″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”200″ height=”200″ title=”never”] Still, we continue working on the Freebooter house project. In near future wood company will start preparing prefabricated walls. We needed to prepare drawings of electrical system to indicate placements of the elements like sockets and switches. We use BIM software to achieve precision and clarity in communication with subcontractors.




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