Over the first weekend I went with Alfio, our shoemaker and his wife to Antwerp and Gent, because we had several appointments with some customers. The customers had to wear the fitting test shoes and tell us if it fitted well or not, where was tighter or wider, etc.

In Antwerp we were in an apartment/shop where we met the customers, in Gent instead in a fashion boutique.

Every test shoe fitted well, just a few adjustments for some ones, and the customers were very enthusiastic. Alfio took pictures and short videos to record everything.

The customers who we have met are all wealthy and sophisticate – one came with his butler! – and some of them have made other order for new pair of bespoke shoes.

We were always in a hurry because the journeys from Brussels to these cities we made by train and we had a tight schedule for every day. So, I could not take some pictures about it.

I have not ever seen Gent until now. Very beautiful place, but I was there just for work and I had no time to visit it. In a next weekend I am going to go there again by myself.

Another task in the office was searching for new suppliers. We need very nice suppliers who make luxury and bespoke shoes for women and personalized leather jackets. I did some research on web, sent emails and talked by phone with someone, to understand who was suitable for us and if they were what we are looking for.

I found a new amazing supplier, a designer and producer of high heeled shoes for women, an Italian little-known brand that really liked my boss. They met in Italy and probably now he will be our new Italian supplier.

In the rest of the days normal administration.

See you next time.





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