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Hola tod@s!

This is my final story to you. I would say that my Erasmus stay was quite eventful. It was extremely thrilling to pave my professional path on my own, how I represent myself and my skills in a totally new environment. I can highly recommend every entrepreneurial spirit to try themselves out under these safe circumstances before jumping into life altering events without experience. Not to mention, this exchange was certainly a milestone period of my life.

The EYE programme gave me so many life lessons to look out for in real life. I believe these will highly help my future not just as an entrepreneur. I had to be pretty flexible with my time and expectations to maximise my stay with my host entrepreneur from the beginning. Plans are changing in the face of the present and new information, so should we be ready to flourish in novel situations, be open minded and embrace every opportunity for development.

I believe my main expectation from the programme was to show me the realities of the entrepreneur life. I was interested if it is really for me with all its challenges. It taught me that if you give your best and follow your curiosity passionately then time flies in a staggering degree. One of the most vital lesson was how should I manage my time more efficiently as an entrepreneur. The importance to find a healthy work-life balance is key. Not to get too invested in details as It could halt progress in the long run. Being your own boss has more perks for me, it gives my a higher satisfaction then I expected against the extra responsibilities.

On the other hand, these six months were the most uncertain and stressful times of my life with the continuously looming Brexit deadlines, forced moving around several accommodations and having to deal with COVID-19 anxiety in the last months of the exchange. While I am writing these lines, I am still in Logrono as I am not sure if it is safer to leave or stay. So my stress management skills are surely improving. I would say these months were an intense boot camp how to deal with problems on my own even if they are out of my control and still how to make the best of it.

I felt welcomed in this lovely Spanish city. Even if it is super traditional, I believe I brought some international spirit in it. Sharing different viewpoints and life experiences  were truly beneficial in my opinion to my host company as well. People were always helpful and kind to me, but I found this Spanish fondness quite distracting at times at the work place. However, I had an interesting cultural shock for sure by having an in-depth insight of the Espana vida.

I think we managed to fulfil the action plan as much as possible against to the various uncertain elements through my exchange. Visited conferences, witnessed the company exponential growth and its challenges in a pandemic situation, the unique work and team dynamics of start up, practised my elevator pitch to investors, gained insightful feedback on my business plan, had the opportunity to refine my vision, met with several other entrepreneurs and so much more. I am definitely grateful for this opportunity and experience for the EYE Programme and everyone who helped me through out this journey!


Thank you!

Wish you all the best!





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