Always worth it

In October 2020 I took the first steps of this great journey of knowledge, development and of course, many friends. Earlier, I was lucky to find Oceanogami and Patricia as the host and main guide of this trip.

Oceanogami is an international consultancy specializing in ocean sustainability that acts as a liaison between companies, governments, non-governmental organizations, research centres and other institutions that have a relationship with the marine environment, providing consultancy services, help to build capacity, and create awareness for marine conservation. Patricia, the CEO, is a great marine researcher with a huge marine conservation background, with a Ph.D. in Biodiversity and evolution and experience in ocean management. She managed projects and collaborated with NGOs, government, private sector, academia, and local communities in the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean, Red Sea, Pacific and the Indian Ocean, particularly in remote islands. Yes, it was a big opportunity!

In 2020, among many challenges and world changes due to Covid, we started to work together, dedicating ourselves to the central objective at Oceanogami: find solutions for ocean sustainability and responsibility, particularly for the private sector. It wasn’t easy, but the challenge moved us! Together, we worked on many new projects, restructured some internal processes within the company and I also met a lot of new people, important work contacts but also incredible people that I will always take with me.

With the beginning of the decade of the Oceans announced by the UN, an alliance is being formed between many countries on the protection of 30% of the oceans by 2030. It is a context with a lot of potential to develop projects between public and private organizations and in all these months, I have been able to learn different aspects and components to consider from entrepreneurship and establish new contacts in the Blue economy sector, particularly in Barcelona and Spain. So, I am sure that this experience will not end now after 6 months, but it will still offer me many opportunities.

So if you, who are reading this article now, have doubts about taking a chance on this adventure, don’t hesitate! It is always worth it!





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