ThirEye grows from a personal interest in cybersecurity and cyberspace, and awareness of the incredibly dangerous threat it exposes. My idea is to create a cybersecurity consultancy firm for SMEs that offer help at hoc for a different type of business. My business plan to help SMEs to face cyber challenges by supporting and assisting through consultancy and technical assistance. The Host Entrepreneur I chose to develop the consultancy side of my business was the best. Laura Vivani, who runs MOVERIM, a company that for twenty years has worked with innovative ideas to bring them to the next level and to evolve them through the EU’s funding mechanisms. Many of the ideas they have supported are now successful. Their field of action is Research and Innovation therefore spacing between different areas.

During my stay, I had the opportunity to learn how a consultancy firm mostly works and get firsthand experience in this environment and understand how to organize an implementation plan after having a shared goal with the client. I started by taking care of administrative and organizational tasks for the Directorate, alongside by Host Entrepreneur, providing technical support for communication activities and content development. This helped me understand how important is to have a strong marketing strategy. Furthermore, assisting my Host Entrepreneur in the daily activities of MOVERIM I developed a communication strategy to understand clients to build strong, trustworthy, and efficient relationships with them. I am very thankful for all the knowledge that my Host Entrepreneur shared with me, I treasure all the suggestions and all the constructive criticism. Every day I learned something new and always looked forward to learning more.

By directly being in the European bubble, I had the opportunity to experience the most vibrant environment I have ever been in. Participating in various EU network events, allowed me to learn about networking and further enhanced my understanding of getting and maintaining

customers and partners. I was very glad to find that people were interested in my business idea, I made useful contacts mostly in the IT area which will be very helpful in the future. Furthermore, I found the perfect WP call and I am planning to write a project proposal to be submitted for financial support under a chosen EU funding program. With my host entrepreneur we decided to stay in contact for future collaboration.

This exchange with my Host Entrepreneur was the most challenging and rewarding experience in my career. I feel now more determined than ever to go through with my business idea.




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