More than half of my EYE mobility is over, and it is time to share the insights. There is no need to say that this year is nothing like any other. The Covid-19 Pandemic made my experience a bit different than it was expected. Different but not worse. 2020 is a breaking point in the workspace and business field. Businesses are learning to adapt or disappear. Luckily, my HE belongs to those who are adapting and searching for opportunities in the “new world order”. During these few months, I learned a lot about crisis management and creative thinking. But let’s start from the beginning.

Due to Covid-19, I am still working and learning from home. Almost every day, I am meeting with my team members via zoom, and every Friday, there is a general team meeting to discuss the week. Also, we have a Slack channel for urgent questions, so I am always in touch with my team and feel support. What I really love is that I don’t have any specific department to work for; I am performing for different departments getting experience in marketing, content creation, communication with clients, and sales. It is worth mentioning that I didn’t have any previous experience with sales. Thus, I was really happy to learn from professionals. Now I can see more clearly how I can start with selling my own product to the potential customers.

Thus, here is the most important learnings:

  • Marketing Strategy. I had a chance to participate in the creation of the marketing strategy.
  • Social Media Marketing. I am responsible for the company’s Instagram page. I learned how to work with Canva, Hootsuite, etc.
  • Sales (B2B, B2C) – I was proposing our product to potential buyers and learned how to use specific tools for sales (PipeDrive).
  • Content creator for a Career Exploration Platform. In the last two months, we are focused on the creation of the Career Exploration Platform. While the technical part was done by my colleague, I was actively involved in the content creation part. One of the most inspiring tasks was to contact professionals from different fields and to interview them for our platform.
  • I made some valuable contacts, which are open for cooperation in the future. Also, I improved my presentation skills.
  • Market and Competitor Analysis. I was doing market research for my HE. I analyzed the web-pages of the competitors and got valuable advice. This experience I will apply while analyzing the market in Ukraine.
  • I was working on Persona for my HE, and also for my own business.
  • I learned not to be afraid of changes.
  • I got a great experience of observing the team management practices in my company.
  • I was taking part in discussions about the price of our new product. I got an understanding of what price should include.

I am so happy to be part of such a great team as Corkscrew! I am so thankful to my HE for them being so supportive, and ready to help with advice. Also, a big thanks go to my IO for support.




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