After my first month in Valencia, I am settling in really well and really starting to get the hang of my role in the dancing school. I am constantly improving my Spanish skills and am learning how to successfully design and post on social media effectively to recruit new students to the school.

My host entrepreneur has also shown me how to register and take payments from students. At first it was challenging to absorb all the information as the system is quite complicated but now I have got it mastered. It is a useful way to keep track of students and efficiently register enrolments and log payments. Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges at the dancing school is people attending classes without paying so this system is a great way to make sure everyone who is attending classes has paid the fee.

I really love creating content for the social media platforms the dancing school is on. As I am a creative person, I love designing all the posts and making sure the relevant information is clearly conveyed but also has some personality.

Now that I have been working at the dancing school for a couple of weeks, I feel more independent there and able to get on with work by myself, not constantly having to ask for advice from colleagues. I really like my work timetable. Working in the evening suits me as I have all day to do whatever I want. I have been enjoying the city of Valencia, going on bike rides, going to the beach, visiting caves in Denia and many more things. The city really does have an awful lot to offer and i am very lucky I have the spare time to enjoy it, even though working late is sometimes tiring it is definitely worth it.

I am also learning a lot about how the general running of the school works. It is really interesting to see how they manage timetabling, teacher salaries, room rentals and hosting events. The school is really diverse and has given e food for thought about how a dancing school does not just have to offer purely dance classes but is also a great space to host events and can also be rented out in hours when it is not being used for dance classes.

I am looking forward to spending another two months here and hope to learn a lot more about the dancing school business and explore Valencia more!




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