I am now midway through my exchange, and I can confirm the past months were very busy!

As I got more confidence, I was happily rewarded with many more responsibilities. It was very hard to summarized how much I have learned in the past months… but I will try!

By assisting the daily work of MOVERIM I learned a lot about the process of a consultancy and mostly the work to be done before any type of client meeting. Every client is different and different approaches and tools are required to build a strong and trustworthy relationship. I think by now I found the perfect tool for my marketing strategy and cannot wait to implement them!

Furthermore, I worker on a lot of project ideas and develop the project proposal identified during the previous months, setting-up a consortium. Thanks to that I was able to understand how hard it is to work together and to find a strategy that it is fulfilling but at the same time efficient and of course possible to reach with the resources.

In addition, I realized how important is to find a public that is interested in the work that you are doing and is willing to invest in your idea. By assisting the process of partners identification, I found out also how crucial is to find good and involved partners.

I am very grateful for this opportunity, not only I am acquiring knowledge thanks to the exchange, but I am also gaining confidence in my ideas and are always more motivated to be creative.

A big thanks to the HE for hearing my ideas and always giving constructive critiques.




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