Hello! My name is Gabriel Tanev. My exchange is for 3 months. The start date was 27.07.2022 and the last date will be 18.10.2022. It has been 2 months since the exchange and I have been able to accomplish so much.

In the beginning I started by getting to know the company, the staff and the activities. I attended and participated in various meetings. Together with the team, we worked on the host entrepreneur’s projects. He was by our side all the time and he gave me a lot of attention. In most of the projects I participated with my ideas that we discussed and etc. I was most involved on a small project to design a children’s room. In it, I had the opportunity to completely design the room, which we later discussed, edited, chose materials and furniture together and got it started. We also worked with different computer programs, we commented on the host entrepreneur’s website so I could get more insight into how to do my own website and I took lots of notes and got lots of ideas. We worked out a marketing strategy for me to use when I start my business. That was a big goal of mine and it was quite helpful because I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own without someone else’s help. We are now working on my portfolio to present to my future clients.

In the remaining time, besides finishing the portfolio, we will focus on researching the market, establishing and entering products and services. Together with the new information we will gather, we will work on improving my business plan and finalize the services I will offer.

It is undeniable that I learned hundreds of new things. I had contact with people and a market in another country, which developed my views. I learned a lot about communicating with different people, working with a variety of computer programs and especially about design in general. I learned how an entrepreneur should behave, both with his team and clients, and towards his entire business. As I mentioned above, creating a marketing strategy and improving my portfolio will be quite useful.