My name is Iwona and let me share with you my adventure with the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program in Valencia.

I have always been a person who wants to develop myself and acquire new skills. Since privately my great passion is traveling and I have spent a lot of time in equal countries I know how getting out of my comfort zone and going to a country with a different language and culture can be developmental. That’s why I decided that the biggest development towards starting my own business, which is ultimately going to be international, I would do by going abroad.

And so I began my 5-month adventure at Vortex Company in Valencia, Spain. Right from the start I was warmly welcomed into the company and the team, included in many tasks and had the opportunity to implement processes very quickly. During my exchange I work very closely with the founder of the business, but also with the whole team.

Since the company has two coworking spaces I also have the opportunity to work in them and get to know members of the community. To talk to people who are from different countries, but what they have in common is that they all work from sunny Spain and fulfill themselves professionally without giving up their passions and dreams.

As a future entrepreneur, I am very happy with how the exchange is starting and I look forward to continus collaboration with Vortex Team.




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