From the start of my exchange, I managed the websites and with the help of MOVERIM I learned a lot about a fundamental side of every successful business: online marketing.  This helped me to outline my own marketing strategy. Thanks to managing not only the website but also the social media I learned how to select valuable information related for business and present it in an appealing way for my future clients.

Although, my favorite part was attending information days and other events organized by the Institutions. They were always followed by a report or presentations for Moverim and its clients. These first months were very important for me, not only I had the opportunity to attend important events, but I also got a better understanding of how EU institutions work. Participating in this events was very useful for my Business Idea. I had the possibility to extend the network of my possible future partner and had a positive feedback on my Business Idea.

Furthermore, I pursued the target research and analysis for Mrs. Vivani’s business, I began working on current projects under her management and taking part in the day-to-day operations of the company. To create a list of appropriate funding opportunities for my ideas, we jointly defined a project idea and monitored EU programs. This was very important for redefining my marketing strategy.

This was a key activity for me and the future of my business

Things are looking great, I am learning a lot, the future months will be very busy, but I am up for the challenge!





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