Two weeks of EYE´s experience

My EYE exchange was supposed to start in March 2020, but this year is not the one that allows you to follow your agenda. Due to COVID’19, the start of my project was postponed twice. Finally, in July 2020, I could start so long-awaited experience as Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. The Pandemic changed not only the starting date of the exchange but also it had a great influence on my HE’s business approach. A lot of the company’s activities were adapted and moved online, and we had to adapt our working process.

I chose to have my EYE experience with the Corkscrew team, the enterprise that provides young people and entrepreneurs with educational services. Our training is based on the Corkscrew thinking approach, which promotes creativity and thinking out of the box to run a successful business. I joined the Corkscrew team at the point when they started implementing their new online project, namely the set of podcasts related to Corkscrew thinkers (people that achieved great results in their field due to their creativity and way of thinking). I am very thankful for the opportunity to take part in the launch and development of a new project. It is a great chance to experience the process of business implementation from the idea to the first income. Also, during these two weeks, I got to know my colleagues, experienced entrepreneurs, and it is a pleasure to work with them and to learn from them.

Thus, during these days:

  1. I started learning how to move the business online;
  2. I started using social networks, especially LinkedIn to reach out potential contributors to our business idea;
  3. I started thinking if I can move online the part of activities related to my business plan;
  4. I got to know successful entrepreneurs who are inspiring me a lot by sharing their experience;
  5. I started building my network of social entrepreneurs in Spain.

And the best is yet to come!




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