My name is Beatris Tsankova and I live in London, UK.

I have studied business management in my motherland Bulgaria. Global business, marketing, finance, accounting and human resources  are my fields of study. I have also worked as an accounting assistant. Business, administration and law have always been my passion and dream career. I have taken many online courses to improve my skills and knowledge. Ever since I was a kid, I always presented myself as a business lady. And since then, I’ve been chasing that dream.

I learned about the program on the internet and immediately became interested. My main motivation to join the programme layed on the big possibilities that it can give me as an young enterpreneur. I expected to be able to grow and develop my overview of the practical aspect of my area of interest. And that is how my journey began at 30.12.2021. I have the opportunity to be with my Host entrepreneur in Canary islands until 27.04.2022.

I was very excited when my application was accepted. Staying abroad and learning the different specifications of developing a business in another country is giving me great knowlege and motivation to process my business venture in my home country. I’m even starting to feel myself thinking more strategically, more ambitiously, and I can’t wait to continue to develop myself in this way.

I chose this Host entrepreneur because his business is similar to my idea. He also seemed ambitious, serious and had a lot of experience. I thought he would really help me develop in this field. And I am really very happy that my expectations were met. His attitude towards me is amazing and he really wants to pass on his experience to new entrepreneurs.

Coming abroad helps me to understand the differences in other cultures, which is another added bonus in this adventure. I’m sure this experience will make me much more aware and ready for the path I want to take. This trip is a step towards making my dreams come true and I am grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of the program.




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