The dream of experiencing Spanish culture began for me during my first participation in a volunteer project. Even then, I regarded this country and its people as something that would never disappoint me. After the first month, this perspective remained unchanged. All the people I interacted with were open to establishing connections, smiling, and friendly. Always ready to help and understand, even with my beginners level Spanish.

In terms of work culture, especially in my field – organizing events, workshops, and training for adults and youth, this factor was significant for me. My mentor (HE) provided valuable guidance and assistance even before my arrival in Spain. Upon arrival, I got to know her work style and the remarkable commitment she shows to the people she collaborates with, including me – a new person with whom she wants to share her knowledge. From the very beginning, I was warmly welcomed, which gave me the freedom to integrate into their way of functioning. This sense of acceptance gave me freedom to share knowledge and ideas for solutions that we will implement in the upcoming stages of the project, especially in organizing a larger event. I look forward to further events!




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