The first two weeks were “welcome weeks”, in which Carlos introduced me in the workshop, showing all the machines and the resources he uses everyday.
We talked generally about many things and basically we touched by word every part of our working programme. Carlos has a great baggage of knowledge and a lot of information to share. I feel really comfortable with him and speaking in spanish is not a problem, because of my past experiences in Spain.
We revised every machine in the workshop really carefully and he always takes care of my correct understanding of his crucial tips.


In morning time I helped Carlos with woodturning job and other tiny works he already started before I arrived and the aim was to finish them as soon as possible to create a zero point.
A zero point is really useful to understand a process, because you can follow every step in the correct order, taking notes, answering and clear any doubt in the right moment.
The afternoon time was my time: Carlos literally opened to me the entire workshop and invited me to take time and scribble everything on my bloknotes like a brain storming.

This was helpful to feel me free to elaborate any idea without censorship or fear.
We started to discuss on which ideas would be good to develop together.
We literally dismantled until see the hidden structure any idea I produced and we analyzed it in a producing scheme view. Which material to use and producing time were the main points to deal with.
I feel really positive that good things will come out from this interchange.




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