Hola compañeros de EYE !

The last three weeks in OHLAB architectural studio were very intense and full of work to carry on, but I am very satisfy and please with the amount of things I am learning!

I focused on two projects, one of which I am working on since I came here. It is the project of a new block of apartments to be built in the city center of Palma, I talked to you in the latter post. In these few days, my colleague and I we are finished all the drawings of plans, graphic presentations and documents related to the preliminary phase of the project, to be delivered to the municipality in order to have the permission to build it.
In this way, I could find out the construction documentation necessary for obtaining the permission to build a residential block in Spain and, furthermore, I had the possibility to understand how project preliminary phase should be carried on, and how it is connected to the executive one, according to the complexity of the project.

Actually, I have to say that my colleague Pedro and the project manager Robin helped me a lot, explaining me in detail how I had to do for my task and supporting me with everything I did for the first time.

The other project is a renovation of a private house, which is already being building at this time. In this case, my task was to design the outdoor terrace, according with the architectural style of the house and the new intervention. I never met the clients, but my supervisor told me something about their simple lifestyle so that I could design a space suitable for the family who would have lived there. The communication between clients and architects is one of the most important moment of the creative design phase because it allows you to reach a good quality and uniqueness, adapting each space to the functions and the style the customer requests.

It was the first time for me that I had to deal with architectural interior design and I tried to do my best and to learn something more about it, because the specific architectural design is one of the particular service the studio I hope to create in future will offer to the clients.

TOTAL. The last weeks were full of useful information that I am trying to “save in my brain”.

My colleagues is giving me new perspectives, both professionally and personally. They are a group of open-minded, talented and dedicated people, with which I am tightening a relationship of friendship as well as work. For that, I chose to attach to this post a photo of a funny night spent with them.

I have a lot of good expectations for the next weeks!
Greetings from Palma de Mallorca

Maria Bruna




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