My Erasmus for young entrepreneurs continues and there is always the opportunity to receive some imput and ideas.

One of my first activities at Nativity Hub, was the placenta printing with the guide of Nikki, a doula and American Midwifery student who is having a placement with my team.

But, what is the placenta?
The placenta is a great organ that grows with the baby in the belly and has a vital function: in fact it feeds the baby throughout the pregnancy. The placenta looks like the Tree of the Life: infact its foetal face (to which the umbilical cord is attached) reminds of the roots and the branches of the tree, isn’t it fantastic?

After the birth the mother can decide to keep the frozen placenta for some time (even years) and print it. The result is an amazing print, and it looks like a real tree!
That activity is nice because the parents can have a memory, and it is nice to print the placenta with the child too, some years after the birth.

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Usually to the placenta isn’t given the importance that it deserves in fact mostly after the birth the placenta is thrown away without giving the mother the opportunity to look at it and to see how it is made.

That happens in the Hospital, but at home it is possible to choose what to do with the placenta, it is not waste! It can give both the mother and the baby a lot of benefit after the birth !

The women who are looked after by my team can also choose the placenta encapsulation and to ingest the pills after the birth because they can receive some of those hormones and iron that were lost during the birth process.

The pills help to increase the energy, and to enhance the milk supply. I wanted to know how to make the pills, so I spent one of my afternoons with Nikki who is an placenta encapsulator, she showed me the encapsulation’s process using a client’s placenta after the home birth !

That offered me the opportunity to think that it would be nice to offer this kind of the service to the women who want to use the placenta after the birth.

I need training to become encapsulator and some instruments.

I think this service is not available, or not widespread in Italy, especially in my region, where I’d like to practice. It will be important to promote knowledge of the placenta’ s benefits and to support the women who want to have their placenta back, even after a Hospital birth.

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