During the seventh and eighth week in GG-loop architecture office main focus of the team was directed towards delivering all required documentation to the builder. Intensive communication with engineers and constructors took place, coordination of the documentation delivered by other parties was very difficult. Everything was checked several times in order to avoid future problems on the construction site. The project enters next phase – construction. That means that the drawings produced from now on will be used to order all prefabricated elements of steel and wood construction. Also later on to execute entire building process. This kind of drawing is very detailed and not easy to produce.

Even though the “Freebooter” project consumes an incredible amount of time, studio still carries on other projects and activities. During those two week photo-session of the “Vibrio” sofa took place.
Sofas were transported to the top floor of the building. The photographer prepared equipment and came up with the ideas for the session. On the highest floor, we could count on the decent amount of natural light – very important during the session. To make photos more attractive a professional model posed on the sofa. The photographer tried to catch the spirit of the sofa’s design and show how comfortable it is. I think the photos came out great!




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