In this two weeks, me and my EYE collegue Alex have worked on an ideal project proposal based on a real European axis. We acted like we were a consulting firm and we thought about a project that we could propose to an ideal customer, that in this case are our HE.


At first, it was a little bit complicated, because we had never made a project from the beginning and so we had to spend a lot of time analyzing every single information and trying to understand better and better what the call was really asking for. When we first tried to convince our “clients” to take part to the project, we terribly failed. We were not prepared to answer to all the questions that they asked to us and we were not able to be persuasive. So they showed the positive and the negative things we made and we came back in our office to improve our project and our presentation.


Anyway, this has been a very useful exercise. It’s really important in this work to be very prepared and professional when meeting a client. Everything has to be perfect, from the way you present yourself to the client to the way you present your proposal to him. But, most of all, I have to be more confident about myself and less fearful in relating with other people.

In the next week we will make the second presentation, and we will surely be more professional.





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