Here we are, writing my last report of this important working experience abroad in Tselios company.

In this last two weeks I got the last information and now I will be back! We continued to feed the bees with the sugar paste and in few apiaries we put out other honeycombs because finally they were too much compare with the number of the bees. During the beehives inspection we recognized the small parasite called nosema apis that is a very common disease, bees die in big quantity for this reason and that`s why we found some apiaries with a big miss of bees. In these apiaries where the reduced number of bees was not enough to warm the apiary during the winter we had to kill the queen bee of one of them and take all the bees and put them in another small apiary; in this way we unified two small apiaries that could not stand the winter. This activity of unification is possible to apply only in this cold period of the year, in fact in spring and summer is not possible to do.

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Finally we added a second plastic layer up to the honeycombs in order to keep the warm and we applied a small hole in the plastic in order to go out the humidity that otherwise would be very dangerous for the apiary. That`s all from my experience!!! Hello to everyone!!




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