The project is always better. Last week we stayed in Dublin with the staff of the brewery to
meet Francesco, a boy who has been doing the same program I’m doing in the De Prael
brewery. He visited us with numerous pubs including the Rua Bar, which co-operates with De
Prael. The staff has strengthened more and more through this experience to summon me as a
goalkeeper in the all-match football match between De Prael and Brewerij’j i (another
brewery). We are also organizing in order to be able to produce the recipe of a beer I thought
of and we are all so excited because it is a new thing for them as well. For the rest, day by day
they entrust me with increasingly demanding tasks, so much so that they have no indifferent
responsibilities. I am glad to be here and to carry out this project, hoping to get a post-project
work contract.




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