It’s been two and a half months since I started my Erasmus exchange. After a few weeks of getting to know the company and its management, I have been given more responsibilities. This has helped me to challenge my skills and acquire new ones.

I am the leader of a weekly workshop where I share my knowledge in the areas of craft and design. I can practise demonstrating and guiding people through different manual activities. This is a valuable skill for me, as in my business, I aim to involve the customers in the creative process. I could understand a little bit more on how I would like to process later on with my own company. Crafts workshops in a big group are challenging as everyone doesn’t have the same prerequisites and capacities.

Meanwhile, my Host Entrepreneur is guiding me through the process of developing a product from scratch to retail. I can learn about conception, production, pricing and marketing in a real-life situation. I use what I learnt during my studies and improve my methodology with Dora’s experience.

Another experience I would like to share is about event coordination. Africanism organises a fashion show every year and I was in charge this time. I was responsible for the smooth running of the event, which involved recruiting models, selecting clothes, setting up the place, planning the time and presenting the show. Everything didn’t go as planned and even though it has been challenging, the show was a success and an interesting experience for me.

I am dealing with various tasks that an entrepreneur needs to consider and manage simultaneously. I understand the importance of being well organised and receiving support. I particularly enjoyed the experience of photographing clothes and accessories on models. This was my first time, and here is one more useful addition to my learning list as a new entrepreneur. And more is yet to come!




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