Even these two weeks have flown away. Work is getting better and this experience is becoming more and more important for my business idea.

Perhaps it is obvious to say that communication is very important in running a business, but participating in the Marketing and Communication strategy of NICOLA is a new experience for me. Why? Because here the media and the social media are used at 200%.
FaceBook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and the Website are essential to communicate everything you do and receive feedback.
Each small detail is cured at 200%. Each event is communicated before, during and after it happens. The social image seems to be more important than the real image, even if then there must be the actual contents otherwise everything falls.[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 4538,4539,4540,4541,4542″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”250″ height=”250″ title=”never”]

I participated / worked in staff meetings to prepare the various communications and my colleagues were very kind to explain me the process. It allowed me to reflect on how I could bring all this into my business idea which will be of major importance.
I participated in the realisation of one of NICOLA activity; having taken part in its conception, design, implementation and communication allowed me to realise a scheme of activities that I could use for my business idea.
The meetings (formal and informal) with Michela Ferrara were very fruitful.
Now I will participate to the realisation of further projects which will enable me to compare my experience and my skills with those in NICOLA.

An increasingly important experience, except the weather here in London: I have very cold !!




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