I’m continuing to work on the Fit for kids project.
The past few weeks I started to post articals about healthy eating, sport on the Fit for kids Italy’s facebook page. Hoping to give a few tips to the families who are following the page.
I’m still going to the lessons with the kids. I’m really enjoying it, the children seem enthusiastic and ready to do play and do a bit of exercise with us. In Sesto, for now, we have just a few kids, but I hope it will change from the next year. Even if usually there are 3-4 children, they seem to have a good time with a smile on their faces. Once I had to go to Pescarenico, we were only foreign volunteers, so it was a hard task to deal with the children, but I think we did a good job and they had fun with us.
I’m still dealing with the excel files, have to check every week if the volunteers and the kids are going to the lessons, upload the medical certificates. I also had to distribute the new T-shirts for the volunteers.
We started to organise also the Christmas day on the 15th December.




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