The projects are going forward and it is great how I get involved in each aspect of their construction. I’m more and more convinced every day that this experience will bring positive ideas for my future business, and I’m sure that also my help in these months has brought some fresh air on theirs projects. The Erasmus entrepreneurs is very effective!

Last week we had done a collaboration beer with the guys of Brewdog Bar in Glasgow, a smoked heather beer! They were very funny and we had a nice day brewing all together.

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This week finally I going to go in England with the head brewer Malcolm, to take up the hops of the new harvest with the objective to use them in their fresh form and can brew the beer that I’ve proposed for my project inside the brewery. I’m really impatient to see how the hops cultivation and processing work in this area, in fact in Italy this production is not spread at all. Moreover, the fact that I have to participate to the construction of a new beer, it consists also in the marketing development of a new label and story about the new beer, a thing that I don’t know very much about.

In the last weeks the work has been exhausting because some of the colleagues were on vacation and we were really a few people working, but if you do what you love you don’t feel any effort.

Until next time

Tommaso Stettler




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