“Even if you are helped by a community theatre that has is own social networks, it is not so easy to promote your own work. The first obstacle is the language. I had that idea to fix three days of performance in the theatre and to try to convince the schools , directors and english teachers, to come with their students. Everybody seems motivated but at the end I had to cancel. So I learned two things about this new method : the first one is that you have to keep the connection with any potential partner. It is not working if you wait that the others will do the work unless you are behind them or giving them something in return. I received for example the advice to propose to the school to give (for free) kamishibai workshops, it’s a japanese traditional theatre of images, to connect the workshop with the subject of my show, which is: “stories of the beginning” and then invite the class to see the show. The second thing I learned is that culture and sun is not going together very well. I would add that june is the last month for the students and when this month is particularly hot, nobody has any motivation to go and see a show that is not even performed in their language.
[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 4963,4964,4965,4966,4967″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”250″ height=”250″ title=”never”] Whatever, I had some amazing experience in a school giving an english lesson, it turns out to be a philosophical lesson where I talked all the languages I know. At the end nobody went out of the classroom. It was like a show and I thought that I should or could be a perfect teacher in foreign countries. But can I do an english licence now? Or my artistic experience and effective work in schools during years are enough to give me this work. I don’t know.

The macro international event is coming as far as the light. It’s a big challenge. I will be an assistant producer, dealing with few international companies and being in charge of two main events during the ten days of festival. I have to direct one of the show about legends of the city and connect it with a game involving new technology. It looks like a success story but, to be honest, it’s going to be a mountain of work.

I want to tell also that life is very precious. When all the Brama crew were installing the scene outside the theater, a heavy structure of wood felt down one centimeters from me. It was exactly like in the movie of Buster Keaton, when the facade of a house fall down on him but he was precisely where the window opening was. Well this happen to me. Since then I am more aware of the chance I have to be alive.”




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