My experience at Ok Hostel in Madrid started the first of August. According to, the Ok Hostel is the second best large hostel worldwide.

During my first two weeks, I had the pleasure to meet the owners, Joao and Gonçalo Hipolito, the manager Diogo Candeias, and all the dynamic staff that make me feel like at home. The team at work is really professional and, at the same time, I have worked in a friendly and welcoming environment.
At the beginning, Joao and Diogo teached me all the importans things I needed to know to start my job. I have already learndt to do check-in and check-out. For each guest I spend about 10 minutes to explain what they can do and visit in Madrid, all the activities offered by the hostel (walking tour, breakfast, dinner and pubcrawl) and, of course, I answer all their questions.

Furthermore, to accomplish all my tasks I learndt to work on Cloudbeds, the property management system used by the hostel. Thank to Cloudbeds we manage arrivals, departures and all the sincronised calendars.
Among the skills that I have acquired, there is the Otas Management (Online Travel Agencies). We receive our bookings throught,, and our Website.

So far, I love to meet people from all over the world and the most exciting and challeging aspect is that I have to speak five different languages. Not always is so easy to shift from one language to another.
After the first week, I was a little bit scared that my volcanic personality was not suitable for that place until Diogo, the manager, told me that I should have continue to be myself. He stressed the fact the difference between an hotel and an hostel is the “S”, which is the social value.

I’m in the right place :-)!




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