In this period l have learnt a lot. I visited Oban distillery, situated on the West Coast of the country it’s one of Scotland’s oldest sources of single malt scotch whisky.
I took a tour of the distillery and l was taken around by a knowledgeable guide who gave explanations on the art of distilling, on malt exploring each part of the whisky making process.
We mixed beer in whisky barrels.

As well as this l have learned to work with liquid yeast.
I joined a dinner whose menu had been set up by accomplished chefs in matching food with American and Belgian sour beers.

I went on an exscursion to the Scottish mountains where l learnt how to use the Argo, an amphibious vehicle used by the scottish hunters.

I did interesting work experiences with other brewers in the UK, while exchanging opinion with them l realized how fascinating is how, due to their culture, they speak about beer and teach how to make it.

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I have learned to work, manage and fill Casks.

I partecipated to a meeting in Tennents brewery where there had been invited important associations like Camra.
I had the opportunity to take part to interesting discussions on Keg rather than Cask, and brand produced beer compared to craft beer.