24/07/17 – 28/07/17

During this week we worked on SWOT analysis – identifying  internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats for European Voluntary Service project. The president of the association shared with me his concept on sustainability in organized activities and we analyzed potential given by Erasmus+ programme. I was proposed individual meetings with all L’Orma staff members, where I could learn more about their duties, responsibilities and get to know each other better. We discussed and prepared for L’Orma strategy for becoming sending organization for EVS – create materials and call for participants who might be interested in volunteering opportunity.

31/07/17 – 04/08/17

The idea of joining L’Orma organization for this project, started from finding in common the same educational approach. Non-formal education is very effective and alternative way of learning, which is definitely a direction that I would like to take in my future NGO. L’Orma is using sport as a tool and in the past I had never a chance to understand and learn more about physical education in this context. Discovering new methodology shows me new opportunities and brings ideas for future partnership. Another value lesson from L’Orma is outdoor education which  involve residential or journey experiences in which youth and kids participate in a variety of adventurous challenges and outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing and group games.  I had opportunity to support research for KA2 strategic partnership project on this topic and learn more about it.

07/08/17 – 11/08/17

L’Orma has a great potential to get involved in international educational initiatives. After understanding how the organization works – its potential and resources, we started to prepare European Voluntary Service project. My own experience allowed me to provide L’orma’ staff necessary information in terms of EVS rules and objectives, conditions, intercultural learning and Erasmus+ programme in general.  We prepared together conception for a project where international volunteers support immigrant and refugees in Milan community.  We created recruitment system for volunteers and I supported selection process.  It has been very creative process and I am looking forward to follow how the organization implement this activity from February 2018.

14/08/17 – 18/08/17

During this week I had a great opportunity to join one of the most important educational activities organized by L’Orma. Summer Camp is an interesting opportunity for youth and children to spend their free time in healthy and productive way. Thanks to participation in this activity I had not only a great chance to discover beautiful region of Italy (Trentino, Fondo), but also learn more about L’Orma methodology and organization of this event. This opportunity inspired me to think about adding similar activities to my own NGO, where youth and children from different backgrounds could spend a great time together and go through intercultural learning process in creative and attractive way.





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