Brama theatre should be considered as a “social art research center”.
Different people from the community are meeting and work together.
There is the adult group, the youth group, two children groups, seniors, international EVS volunteers and the crew of the theatre (actors, technicians, people who are members of the financial aspect). Within the actors and the EVS volunteers there are workshops leaders that have the opportunity to develop their skills, by giving workshops and by participating in others workshops or creations.
Notice too that there are people from 7 differents nationality within the Brama crew.[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 4411,4412,4413,4414,4415″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”250″ height=”250″ title=”never”]

These two last weeks have started with a full-time week-end with the adult group in a village outside Goleniow, Kalish Pomorska. The goal of this week-end was to unite the group, learn english and try to see what this group can do.
Is it a performance?
What kind?
Can they take part of some event? Doing what?
What are their skills, their wishes, their schedule, their flexibilities?

During this meeting we did learn to know each other better and I was invited two time to eat the next week and did also gave one english lesson.
I also met one of the children group, for the second time, that are also preparing a show.
During the second week-end we went in Brollin castle in Germany to talk about long term collaboration and develop a game with a artistic team of germans from Berlin, called the Worriors. I pass the weekend creating riddles, helping them to clarify and ground their ideas. Hopefully we had a brand new french-german volunteer that speaks perfect english to clarify communication between all of us.

The last week was less intense.
I still did participate to
– a contact-improvisation workshop led by the Ukrainian girlfriend of one of the EVS volunteer
– 7 meetings
– Cleaning the “corona” for the coming Macro-event
– Developping the tribe in mosty for the coming micro-event
– Rehearse a new show called Apotheosis
And I will attend to another ukrainian workshop during the weekend.

Yes, I believe that all those projects are helping the social community to develop and open their mind, by creating new links, meet foreigners, work on common projects, new challenges. It is also interesting to see that people that usually are not meeting can meet, communicate and create together.




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