In these two last weeks the work has been full and demanding, but very exciting.
In the first week I prepared some marketing material for a specific event in a Swiss fashion school.
I set up my first Scabal’s presentation set which included the new collection’s pieces of fabrics, catalogues, books, showcards, bunches of fabrics, etc.
The set-up, the pictures I took, and the list of material used, have been shipped in a box to the school. At the end I received compliments from my boss despite being my first time.
Then I tried to prepare a different Scabal’s ‘corner’ as an example for the exclusive fabrics.
This will be used in the next future and then I am going to create some Scabal corners, with different focus (Winter, Summer, Festival, Exclusives, etc.) to use when needed. The pictures of my set-ups will be used also for the website and to show them to the customers.
[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 4494,4495,4496,4497,4498,4499,4500″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”200″ height=”200″ title=”never”] I also took a super business trip to Holland in one day with my boss. We had different meetings with many retailers and suppliers in several cities like Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Hoogerheide. In this trip I could have learned so much regarding different types of resellers, how it works the marketing in general and see as a sales representative presents his own brand. Anyway, it was my first time to go to Holland. It’s an incredible country. I like very much and probably I am going to return for myself.

In the meantime, I kept learning about the procedures, which are so many, about scheduling prices, online shop and how to make an invoice.
In the last days we are preparing for the most important and exclusive event of Partners in Bespoke, that will be around the middle of April, in an elegant location, to show our important suppliers and made-to-measure partners to major retailers and customers. There will be also a special guest from Italy.
I am trying to find the best and most suitable solutions to present our partners’ products and develop new ideas and methods but, the work is just at the beginning and the challenge too.




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