My past weeks at Bxl Europe Asbl were very intense and busy.
I continued to study the European funding programs. I was surprised by the considerable number of programs and sub-programs. I did not even imagine how a European call would actually works. I’m still trying to orient myself in this context, but my colleagues have reassured me by telling me that it’s normal and that it’s all about so much practice and experience.
I’m focusing mainly on the Horizon 2020 program because one of the biggest project we’re following now, is about renewable energy and sustainable agriculture.
But I already know that the next focus area will be Erasmus plus and mobility projects.
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In the meantime we’re coordinating other two projects very interesting. One is in the social economy field and it’s about creating a competitive networking for all social enterprises in order to help them sharing best practicies. The other one is about sustainibility reporting in addition to the economic balance, a new practice for companies to think about their business model.
We still keep going with networking activities and we have had other conferences in which my host enterprenures had their speech time speaking about European funds.
In my freetime, I’m still keep going on with my french course that give me more chance to be able to communicate in different contexts, work and not, and my belgian friends are really kind and constantly encourage me speaking french.

In these last weeks I had the opportunity to go to many events in Belgium! First the museum night fever, an amazing experience visiting museums until 2am! Moreover I went to the Affordable Art Fair (contemporary art fair) and to Tefaf (another modern art fair) in Maastricht passing by Liège, a small nice village in the south of Belgium. Brussels and in general Belgium is really full of cultural and interesting events!
There’s always something new to do, to visit, to learn, people to know and many cities to discover!




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