To be honest, before leaving Italy I used to think I couldn’t fit for this experience because I’m 38. I mean, in my country this is the time to settle down and create a professional balance in your environment. Also I used to ask myself if I would ever be able to come out my comfort zone and adapt myself to another lifestyle for one last time.

This was my feeling when I arrived in London: I was going to start over another dimension above all in a busy time full of work in my country. But definitely not, after my first month in London I am proud of my decision. It’s never too late to take a diverse direction and now I realize my period in London matchs my professional needs.


I’m a freelance project manager, expert of cultural issues and I have been working for almost ten years as consultant for cultural organizations. I love my job but I realized I need to get in another level setting up a company with the best colleagues I’ve met during these years.

London is an amazing place to know how a cultural hub should be managed. In my studies I’ve always looked at the the British model as one of the most successful in Europe because it’s business oriented compared to the italian cultural industries.

So, I’ve started my EYE experience in Collage Arts, an arts development, training and creative organisation based in the Haringey Cultural Quarter. It’s amazing sharing a work place in a old chocolate factory regenerated for the artistic community.

The important thing I’ve learnt during this month is that the success of a company come from a proper sharing of tasks. This is my weak point: I should improve my ability to entrust the management of a complex content especially when I work with international partners. I will start up my own company in the near future and the best asset of this company will be its ability to work together.




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