The last month of my experience is coming.
In the InnoSportLab we never feel bored, every day there is a new chance or opportunity for improving yourself.
I’m very happy because concerning my business plan we improved the sales of the company. InnoSportLab manages a horses’ company and thanks to the new strategy the company improves the sales in the currently month.


I’m not only working for this project as I have another one to improve and succeed ; because a new idea is coming and thanks to the feeling with me and my HE we maybe are look for keeping work together.

InnoSportLab is the best Lab in Netherlands and maybe in the entire Europe, all the best swimmers are coming here for getting new measurements and for checking the improvements after months of hard work. This confirm my special interest for continuing the relationship with my HE: yesterday, one of the best Italian swimmer was coming here for getting the assessments before to start a new train probably with the idea to prepare himself for the next Olympics Games. This Lab is like a school for swimmers, a lot of young swimmer are being analyzed every day with scientific devices.

In the last week, I’ve been living a grateful experience because inside the swimming pool there was a competition in preparation of the next Olympics Games In Brasil. There was a lot of the best athletes in the world: they worked on the themselves and the SwimCenter was full of supporters ; my team and I did the recorded and later we have done the analysis of the challenge.


I already feel really improved because I changed the manner to manage myself and the relationship with the work team, obviously I made a lot of effort to try to became as soon as possible comfortable with the new experience and I never give up to attempt when I was failure.

To be honest, I would like to advice this experience for all people with great ambition, because with that you can dream, you can know successful people and take tips of them, you can create a big network and keep pushing to achieve your goal in the future.

Vincenzo Passarelli




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