My project with Sabine is amazing! We are doing a lot of things. The month of may is completely dedicated to the organization of our new collection.
All the jewelries are molded in sand. The models are old things found, things that we would throw out or be thrown out and no longer have a function. We try to highlight the beauty of things through the magic of the process.
The collection is called TING (which means Thing in danish).
There will be all our creations and in the same time there will be pictures made by Sabine’s friend and colleague called Grethe.
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We will present it in an exhibition from the 2nd to the 8th of June. The opening will beon the 2nd of June at 3 PM in Bagenkop Kunsthal.
I cannot wait to see how it is going to work and especially what will be the opinions of people.
The teamwork is never easy but when we work with a high level artiste, as Sabine, automatically everything goes on the right side, because she is very good in organizing stuff and she always has good ideas or solutions.
About the visibility, Sabine has started on her Facebook page a game called ‘Giveaway’. Giving people the chance to get for free their favorite ring chosen between three of hers.
To participate it is very easy; people just need to like the Facebook page (of course) and share the post and in the comment write which one of the rings they prefer.

The game structured in that way is double useful : first of all for the visibility of her work and second it gives back an advice of what people like.
We are also on another project; I have probably spoke about it in my first article.
In Rudkøbing, the biggest city of Langeland, there are many empty shops. So, the community have a project for the city that people can have for free a shop during six months. Sabine has requested one and we got it. Probably we will start around the 10th of June. It is very exciting because on Langeland, in the summer time, there are many tourists and I will have a good ‘school’ of managing many places of one singular business. The selling and the creating side! Even if we already have it in her workshop.

We also have a Facebook page where we are sharing our commun work.

The must interesting thing is that Sabine can always find the time for her passions and freed her artist’s soul. Try new techniques, start new projects completely differents then jewelry … Everything is very inspiring !!




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